Our third eco-conscious gift guide is here and it’s a good one. This guide is curated for that person in your life who has more frequent flyer miles than dollars in their chequing account. They are eager to hop on the next plane, destination unknown, always ready for the next adventure. 

No.1 Sustainable luggage from Paravel

If there is one thing every traveller needs, it's good quality luggage and Paravel is that - but eco-friendly! Paravel has quickly become the industry leading sustainable luggage brand.

Their lineup incorporates recycled materials whenever possible, including a recycled polycarbonate shell, recycled zippers, and nylon made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. Recycled aluminum is even used for the telescopic handle! To date, they have kept 3.5+ million recycled plastic water bottles out of our landfills by incorporating them into the production of their Negative Nylon material. This Negative Nylon is lightweight, water resistant and is used in most of their products.

They also make super convenient packing cubes that fit in all their luggage and are made from the same great sustainable fabrics.

You can read all about their awesome sustainable practices here

We love to see it!

White carry on luggage, with tan brown leather accents. Luggage on 4 wheels.


No.2 Vessi waterproof sneakers 

The minimalist design of Vessi’s 100% waterproof sneakers are a perfect addition to every jet setters repertoire.

No matter where I am headed, whether it be a staycation or a European adventure, a good pair of sneakers are the #1 item on my packing list. They are the most versatile item in your wardrobe, and can truly be worn with any outfit. You can wear them on the plane, out for a nice dinner or adventuring in unfamiliar places. Vessi’s timeless design and lightweight construction make them the best travel accessory and a staple in every travellers so-called “capsule wardrobe”.

We love these Vancouver based sneakers!

White sneakers on green grass


No.3 Shampoo & conditioner bars || Green Room

At some point, every traveller has had to ditch their liquids in the security line up. You know that frantic panic when you finally get to the front of  the line and realize you brought something over 100ml?

Whether you packed too much or simply forgot, it becomes a bit of a hassle to bring liquids through all of the dreaded security checkpoints. Shampoo & conditioner bars are the perfect alternative to the traditional bottles. They are compact enough to fit into any bag, replace up to 3 plastic bottles of the liquid counterpart (goodbye tiny hotel bottles with like, MAX 2 uses), and you don’t have to worry about spillage. Our bars are formulated for different types of hair and will leave your hair feeling soft & hydrated whenever you may be.

Bonus: Using bars frees up some space in your luggage for other necessities and you don’t have to take them out of your bag at security! Booya. 

Shampoo & conditioner bars in front of photo of flamingos


No.4 Travel tin || Green Room

I love to stay organized while travelling. There's nothing worse than thinking you've lost that essential item when you're not at home to easily replace it. Our travel tins are the perfect storage vessels for just about anything. First & foremost, they fit a set of our shampoo & conditioner bars perfectly (both large and small). You can also use them to keep your cords safe & sound, store your jewelry, or stash away some extra spending money (or foreign currency!). Personally, I love to keep all of my hair ties, bobby pins & alligator clips in my travel tin to prevent them from falling into the abyss of my bag. I also keep a little first aid kit in my travel tin that includes all of the necessities: bandaids, alcohol wipes, Polysporin, Gravol & Advil. Another handy tip, you can keep your cotton pads and Q tips clean and organized in the tin. The options are truly endless.

Bonus: The tin is 100% recyclable, but we hope you use it for decades to come! If you find a cool way to use the travel tins, we would love to hear about it. Drop a comment on our blog or tag us on Instagram!

Pink travel tin with lavender, sitting on top of rolled clothes inside of open suitcase.


No.5 Three Ships Cleanser

Three Ships’ beauty products are both eco and travel friendly. Focused on providing sustainable, eco-conscious and “better for the planet, better for your skin” products, they are truly paving the way in the beauty industry. Female founded, cruelty free, sustainably sourced, and naturally effective products are just a few reasons why we love their brand.
    Their Refresh Papaya and Salicylic Acid Cleanser is a perfect everyday addition to your skincare routine. Aspen bark, the natural source of salicylic acid, helps keep  skin clear of dreaded pimples, while the papaya extract helps brighten and balance your skin. We love the fact that this cleanser is in a 100ml size (regulation for carry-ons!) and eliminates any kind of stress when packing up your toiletries bag.

      All of Three Ships manufacturing is done in Canada, as this helps reduce their carbon footprint. Their current initiatives include implementing more post-consumer recycled plastic when available into their packaging, as well as working towards having refillable product alternatives.

      FAN-GIRLING <3 

      White cleanser bottle in front of papaya


      No.6 Collapsible travel mug || Stojo

      These ultra portable, lightweight travel mugs are perfect for any trip, big or small. They stow-away into a small disk and take up minimal space when not in use. Their entire lineup is made of LFGB certified food grade silicone and is free from any glues and chemicals. The leak-proof construction, even when collapsed, is perfect for when that extra turbulence comes out of nowhere.

        Stojo also has collapsible food storage, perfect for fueling your long layovers. Simply pack up a container full of your favourite goodies, and store it away flat once youre done. Stojo is committed to keeping single use coffee cups, water bottles and food storage containers out of our landfills. They have perfected the art of making durable products that are meant to last a lifetime.


        No. 7 Tuff Stuff || Green Room

        Canadian winters can be sooo brutal so we totally understand that gotta-head-south-for-a-bit itch. Do not make the mistake of immediately burning your pasty white winter skin the first day of your vacation!! Our Tuff Stuff zinc covering cream is broad spectrum, reef-safe and ocean friendly. It is solid which makes it so easy to throw in your carry on! Tuff Stuff takes up virtually no space and will last for many adventures to come. The packaging is in a 100% recyclable tin and comes with no plastic waste! 

        Tin of zinc cream in hands, tin is open, leaning on surf board at the beach

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        Happy Holidays from the Green Room Girls xo.  



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