Our Values

Green Room was started with the intention of using business to do good.


Our mission is to encourage others to practice conscious consumerism and to be mindful of their daily actions. Through our platform, we hope to inspire and educate by making sustainability fun and engaging. The path of environmental, social, and economic sustainability is comprised of constant learning and growth! Discussion and constructive conversation is always encouraged.



We are so proud to be welcomed into the Vancouver Island Green Business Collective as a Green and Ocean Friendly business! VIGBC is a regional certification program that recognizes the efforts of local businesses reducing their environmental impact. We have been certified as 'Green' for our ongoing attempts to use sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives and practices whenever possible, and as 'Ocean-Friendly' by Surfrider for our efforts to reduce single use plastic in order to preserve our coastlines and oceans!


Sustainability within Business Practice

  • Perform carbon offsets or donations to local or global causes and organizations in need of support
  • We host the Green Room Reading Room initiative that promotes the circulation of second-hand books for customers at no additional cost
  • Staff are encouraged to carpool when possible and offered flexible hours to limit travel emissions
  • Emission reduction plans and targets are set and met over detailed periods - all of this is communicated to staff and public
  • With our VIGBC certification, we undergo annual reviews and are guided by the organization on how to improve our efforts


Sustainability with Partnerships

A note to all content creators! If you are thinking about reaching out, please review this page first with your own values in mind.

We are looking to partner with individuals who are getting sh*t done! Creators should be using their platforms for an overall greater purpose and producing content that brings value. If education, inspiration, and a desire to bring about positive change is your goal, we will get along great. Please don't hesitate to reach out!


Sustainability within our Office and Studio

  • We operate with as many paperless systems as possible. Invoices, client files, pay stubs, and bank statements are all digital. When paper is necessary, all printers are set to double sided and/or both sides of paper is used before being recycled. Recycled paper is used to start fires in our office wood stove (our sole heating system).
  • Reusable dishware is provided in place of disposable cups, coffee sticks,  plates, cutlery, etc. No single use products are purchased for staff or client consumption. All food waste and soiled paper is composted.
  • Efforts are made to reuse and reduce all soft plastics. All soft plastics that cannot be reused are recycled. All special items such as electronics, batteries, and lightbulbs are also recycled after use.
  • With most, if not all, furniture, machinery, tools, and variety items (e.g. pens, note pads, tape, etc), decisive efforts are made to purchase or obtain items second hand. If unable, we opt for the most renewable and eco-friendly alternative possible.
  • The majority of our paper packaging is made out of post-consumer recycled content. A special example is our wildflower shampoo and conditioner bar boxes made from post-consumer recycled paper embedded with seeds. Purchased from a Canadian supplier, the plantable paper is an extra in the effort to promote a circular economy.
  • < 75% of our cleaning products are eco-friendly and low-waste (we make our own!)
  • If available to customers, we offer a local pickup option to avoid waste and emissions produced from shipping. Paper tape and re-used paper stuffing is used as alternatives to plastic tape and bubble wrap for shipped parcels.