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The story behind Green Room

The idea for Green Room Body Co. was born on a road trip down to the Baja Peninsula. Before leaving, we spent about a month getting our 1983 camper van mechanically sound and fixing it up using resources we could find around the house. Bringing the van back to life using mostly up-cycled and repurposed materials was so satisfying both financially and environmentally! This excitement and passion for a low-impact lifestyle was a recurring topic of conversation throughout the trip and beyond. 

Down time was spent reading and taking notes from a book discussing the damaging ingredients that are found in many of our everyday big-brand body care products. As we played and bathed in the ocean, simultaneously leaching harmful chemicals from our shampoo and sunscreen into the sea, guilt kept creeping in as we dissected the ingredient lists on every product label we had in the van (or at least tried too... who can pronounce half those crazy words anyway??). Additionally, living without proper waste management infrastructure (AKA hanging a plastic bag on the armrest of the driver seat and emptying it at the next gas station), meant we were hyper-aware of, and living very closely with our garbage. More often than not, recycling wasn't even an option. When you're re-using a small bread bag for your trash, a big conditioner bottle becomes an even bigger headache.

And so, the need for safe, sustainably packaged, and travel-friendly body care was recognized! Our fun and retro aesthetic is symbolic of how we believe quality self care products should be; inclusive, feel-good, and made the way it should have been done decades ago. An entire line of multi-use plant and mineral based products is in the works and should cover all of your self-care bases! We know what you need, because we live just like you.

Our mission is to empower others to practice conscious consumerism and ultimately give back to our main girl Mama Earth, the provider of all resources and the root of our happiness, by using products that have been designed with the health of our mind, our bodies, and the environment in mind. After all, self care products are used by everyone and if we all make small mindful changes, collectively, it would amount to a huge difference! With every vote with our dollar, we are taking a stand for the future we want to see. Together, we are redefining the utility product for outdoor folk.