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Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Suds & Silk Premium Haircare is an innovative plastic-free solution to traditional big brand bottled shampoo and conditioner. For full details, click on individual products. 

Made with 100% natural and naturally derived ingredients from plant and mineral sources, we have created a tailored range of haircare products that harness the power of mama earth and are guaranteed to give you luxury results, without the luxury cost. Because the bars are super concentrated, they will last you 3-5X longer than the average sized bottle of liquid shampoo or conditioner if used correctly.

Sustainably packaged in a small plantable box made of post-consumer recycled paper embedded with seeds, it’s as close as you can get to creating hair products that can be considered “waste-free” AND part of a circular economy. Plant the boxes and they will biodegrade and grow into a beautiful medley of wildflowers! We are so stoked to offer you the opportunity to give back to the environment by growing carbon capturing plants that will provide nutritious pollen to the dwindling bee populations! After you use up your first set of shampoo and conditioner bars, all you will be left with is a bunch of sprouting flowers, soft healthy hair, and none of that pesky plastic waste!