Frequently Asked Questions

Are your shampoo and conditioner bars sulphate-free? Silicone-free? Paraben-free? Phthalate-free? 

Although we don't advertise it, the answer is yes to all of those. The "clean/green/natural beauty" industry can be very polarizing and many of those ingredients have gained an undeserving bad reputation. We don't like to fear monger, so instead of focusing on what isn't in our products, we like to talk about what IS in them.
The sulphate-free cleansing ingredient in all of our shampoo bars is called sodium cocoyl isethionate. It is made from renewable coconut fatty acids and is fully biodegradable. It is commonly known as "Baby Foam" due to its exceptional mildness, light scent, and conditioning cleansing properties, making it gentle enough for use on even the most delicate baby skin. Sodium cocoyl isethionate exhibits high foaming ability, and produces a stable, rich and velvety lather that does not dehydrate the skin. This high-performance ingredient is equally effective in both hard and soft water.
Behentrimonium methosulfate, the active ingredient in our conditioner bars, is derived from rapeseed oil. It binds to the hair shaft resulting in silky, smooth, lustrous hair that holds a style. If you are looking to stay away from silicone-based ingredients, they can usually be recognized by names ending in ‘cone' (ie. cyclomethicone, dimethicone, methicone).
We do not use synthetic fragrances meaning all of our products are phthalate-free. All of our bars contain natural essential oils in industry standard concentrations for both therapeutic benefits and a delicious scent. Like all natural ingredients, essential oils do contain allergens. Please read our ingredient lists before use if you have any sensitivities.  

What do you mean by "plantable box"

The Suds & Silk boxes are made of post consumer recycled paper embedded with seeds. Once planted, the box will biodegrade and grow into any combination of these wildflowers: Bird’s Eye (annual), Clarkia (annual), Black Eyed Susan (perennial), Catchfly (annual), Snapdragon (annual), and Sweet Alyssum (annual).
For successful planting, you need soil, a pot or a spot in the garden, and lots of water! During the first 10 days, give the paper a good soak. Water is crucial for germination! See directions on the box for more details.

The seed paper is approved by the CFIA and the USDA for planting in the U.S, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and many other countries worldwide! Each batch of seed is tested for noxious weeds and invasive species. ⠀

Not only is it so fun to watch your box grow into flowers, the bees will thank you for the nutritious pollen you have supplied them!


How do I get the absolute most out of my shampoo bars?

  • Don’t exert tons of pressure! Light circular motions on your scalp will do the trick. The bars are solid but they are not unbreakable. 
  • It's called Suds for a reason! The bars will lather quickly and once you find you have enough to sufficiently cleanse your scalp, stop there! Working up a crazy voluminous lather isn’t more effective... you’ll just use your bar up faster. Less is more.
  • The bulk bars can be cut in half with a sharp knife and used one half at a time.
  • If the bars break for any reason, use one piece at a time. Once the little bits become too small for that, put the small pieces in a glass jar with some boiling water and let the bar dissolve. Use the soapy water like normal liquid shampoo (it’ll just be a bit more watery).
  • *** Most importantly, take them out of the shower and any puddles so it can dry properly between use! ***

 How do I get the absolute most out of my conditioner bars?

  • The bulk bars can be cut in half with a sharp knife and used one half at a time.
  • The conditioner becomes “activated” when you start to rinse it out. If you feel like you don’t have enough in your hair, add a little bit of water to get it going and go from there... you'll find that a little goes a long way! 
  • If the bars break for any reason, use one piece at a time. Once the pieces are too small, let them dry stacked on top of each other to re-adhere. Be gentle with the stack. As you use it, you will find that the little pieces will mush and melt into each other.