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Bars of soap and shampoo and conditioner/shave bars are the perfect travel toiletries; no leakage, no mini plastic bottles, and they’ll last you for many weeks worth of washes. To keep your bars safe, we recommend storing them in one of our newly designed travel tins that work to protect your bars between lathers!

There are two tin designs, Purple Fields and Van Life, and each travel tin can fit a small size or large size shampoo and conditioner bar set perfectly. Because it's a snug fit, there isn't any wasted space when you're trying to squeeze your tin into those last inches of space in your bag. The tins are 100% recyclable with no loss in quality. But instead of recycling them, we hope you hold onto them for many years to come!

Like a well-stocked vinyl record collection, a pastel blue Singer sewing machine, or a quality pair of 30 year old Levis, we want these travel tins to be something that is passed down for generations because of their timeless quality and one-of-a-kind aesthetic. With bold colours, minimal branding, and unique graphics, these tins have a vintage vibe with a contemporary significance. The art on the front is special as it subtly references the message on the bottom of the tin, the shampoo and conditioner bars themselves, and the kind of lifestyle that resonate with us. These tins are more than just a funky trinket, but are a thoughtfully curated tool designed to help us live more mindfully with less.

To keep your tins in the best condition possible, we do not recommend leaving them in the shower and always make sure to dump out any pooling water within the tin. They may rust if constantly wet. While travelling or transporting your bars around town, simply pat down your bars with a towel to soak up any excess water and prop them up on the side of the tin to allow for maximum airflow. Pack them away once dry. When you are at home, it is best to store your bars on our soap dish with drainage.

* bars are sold seperately

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