How Green Room Gives Back

As often as possible, we make a donation to whatever cause is the most appropriate or in the most need at that time. Sustainability is multi-faceted and ultimately, as a for-profit business, we have a responsibility to pay it forward and support projects and people in need and doing good things. 
Here are the causes that we have been able to support thus far: 

May 2024: Surfrider Foundation Canada
An irreplaceable national network of chapter volunteers who serve as the first response to local threats in coastal communities across Canada. They are the boots on the ground who collaborate on both the local and national level with regional staff and issue experts to carry out their mission through campaign, program, and educational initiatives in their local communities. Surfrider Foundation Canada is a progressive voice in plastics policy, clean water, beach access, ocean protection and coastal preservation.

October 2023: Palestine Children's Relief Fund
Amidst the unfolding crisis in Gaza, tens of thousands of children are the primary victims of attacks on the Gaza Strip. Children are suffering from physical and psychological trauma from being exposed to bombs and conflict and require humanitarian aid. PCRF is the primary humanitarian organization in Palestine, delivering crucial and life-saving medical relief and humanitarian aid where it is needed most. Access to essential resources like food, clean water, and healthcare is severely limited.
September 2023: Central Okanagan Food Bank
The Central Okanagan Food Bank (COFB) is the largest food bank in the Interior of BC and provides nutritional food assistance to residents facing financial and food insecurity. Before the devastating wildfires in Kelowna this past August, record inflation and the rising cost of living had already left many choosing between paying their bills or putting food on the table. Based on the current state of the community, the COFB expects to serve an even greater need across Kelowna and West Kelowna as people try to rebuild their lives.
July 2023: Looking Glass Foundation & Kelty Mental Health
BC based organizations whose programs and services decrease isolation, sustain recovery for individuals impacted by eating disorders, help families navigate the mental health system, connect with peer support, and access resources and tools to support well-being. 
March 2023: The White Helmets
Over 2,000 White Helmets volunteers were sent to all the affected areas to conduct search and rescue efforts after the Mw 7.8 earthquake struck southern and central Turkey and northern and western Syria. White Helmets volunteers saved almost 3,000 people from the destruction caused by the earthquake - now they start the next phase of their emergency response: recovery and rehabilitation.
December 2022: Society of Saint Vincent De Paul
The primary goal and purpose of the Society, its members, staff, volunteers and benefactors is to serve and to minister to all the poor, making no distinctions of creed, ethnic or social background, health, gender, or political opinions.
August & September 2022: Green Teams of Canada
Green Teams of Canada connect, build and empower diverse communities through hands-on activities (such as invasive plant removals, native species plantings, and cleanups at parks and beaches) that promote health, well-being and environmental stewardship. Our donation is specifically supporting events focused on removing invasive blackberry, European beach grass, and other species in the Greater Victoria area. 
March & April 2022: Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal
As the Russian military invasion of Ukraine continues to intensify, so too has the humanitarian crisis that is forcing Ukrainians to evacuate their homes and take refuge in shelters throughout the country or in neighbouring countries. Funds are being used to provide neutral and impartial emergency assistance such as critical medical supplies, psychosocial support, food, water, clothing, shelter, hygiene items, heating fuel, and other urgent supplies to those in need.  
February 2022: Our Children's Centre
Our Children’s Centre Society (OCCS) is a non-profit society offering childcare services to families in Victoria, BC. OCCS' mission is to provide quality, accessible and affordable childcare for families in the community. Extra fundraising is used to cover the costs of programming such as music classes, field trips, sports programs and arts and craft supplies, all of which provide critical development opportunities for the children.
December 2021: The Frontline Fund
The record rise in COVID-19 cases due to the Omicron variant will put extreme demand on hospitals in January. All donations to the Frontline Fund are shared nationally and will help to meet the highest-priority needs of hospitals across Canada, as well as to support the Northern Territories and Indigenous Health. These needs focus on three key pillars:
1. Supplies - From personal protective equipment like masks, disinfectants, and disposable clothing; to life-saving ventilators and testing equipment; to the digital infrastructure needed to enable virtual patient care.
2. Supports - Gift cards, peer-to-peer mental health support, and hotel rooms near the hospital will help our frontline workers protect their families, get much needed rest, and prepare themselves for the effort ahead.
3. Research - Our hospitals need funding to conduct vital research like clinical drug trials to discover therapeutic breakthroughs and intense vaccine development efforts.
November 2021: Help BC Dairy Farms Devastated by Flooding
Due to the recent flooding in BC, farms all across the province have been greatly affected. Farmers are having to pour dairy products down the drain due to provincial dairy safety regulations and our hearts go out to those who have suffered livestock loss. Farmers and volunteers are working hard together to care for all the rescued animals, but they need our help. November's donation will be going to the BC Dairy Association GoFundMe, which will work towards aiding the unsurmountable devastation the flooding has caused.
October 2021: Canucks Autism Network
Approximately 1 in 66 children and youth are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Canada. Resources, treatment, and programming for individuals living with ASD can be limited and costly.

Our monthly donation will be going to the Canucks Autism Network! CAN is dedicated to providing programming to all individuals on the autism spectrum, and their families. We love what they are achieving through their community engagement and everyone has wonderful things to say about their program and working for such a great organization! 

September 2021: Fish For The Future Fund
Fish for the Future started as a catch-and-release tournament with the purpose of engaging the local fishing community and raising money for healthy fish stocks in Clayoquot Sound.  Now, three years later, it is a year-round conservation initiative to safeguard Tofino’s salmon. The goal is to protect wild salmon and an ecosystem that supports responsible fishing. 100% of the funds raised will be dedicated to various Clayoquot Sound watershed projects such as

  1. Shoreline Protection + Restoration
  2. Hatchery + Salmon Enhancement
  3. Catch + Release Initiatives
  4. Wild Salmon Out Migration Studies
As Fish for the Future Fund grows, so too will conservation and protection of these precious waters and the wildlife that lives here. 
August 2021: Victoria Native Friendship Center
The Victoria Native Friendship Centre (VNFC) mandate is "To encourage and promote the well-being of Urban Aboriginal People, by strengthening individuals, family, and community.” Dedicated to improving the quality of life for Indigneous people in the Greater Victoria area, the VNFC began as a meeting place in the city by providing referral services to community members. The Centre has become a vital resource for urban Indigenous individuals and families, and is strategically positioned to play a major role in the development and implementation of urban Indigenous governance on southern Vancouver Island. The Friendship Centre offers a sense of community, support, training and network in a safe environment to help Indigenous people maneuver better in large cities.
June 2021: Fairy Creek Blockade
Fairy Creek Blockade is a part of a volunteer driven, grassroots, direct-action movement to protect the last remaining ancient temperate rainforests on Vancouver Island. Activists are committed to promoting Indigenous sovereignty, keeping eyes on as much intact old growth as possible, challenging outdated and irresponsible forestry practices that threaten biodiversity, and to halting the destruction of these climate-stabalizing and irreplaceable forests. In June, we visited Fairy Creek and donated shampoo bars, conditioner bars, soap, and our Tuff Stuff natural zinc to the passionate and unwavering frontline forest defenders. If you can, head to Fairy Creek to camp out as there is power in numbers or click the link above to donate to support legal fees that this peaceful protest unfortunately incurs. 

May 2021: Palestine Children's Relief Fund
Tens of thousands of children are the primary victims of attacks on the Gaza Strip. Children are suffering from physical and psychological trauma from being exposed to bombs and conflict and require humanitarian aid.  PCRF sends injured kids abroad for free medical care they cannot get locally, sponsors orphans and disabled youths to meet their basic humanitarian needs, runs several humanitarian programs and large infrastructure projects, and sends hundreds of volunteer doctors on medical missions to provide free care for injured children and training for local doctors.
April 2021: EcoTrust Canada
Ecotrust Canada works with rural, remote and Indigenous communities toward building an economy that provides for a healthy and resilient natural environment; sustainable and abundant energy, food, and housing; prosperous and meaningful livelihoods; and vibrant cultures and inclusive societies. 
With the public's donations, they continue to create tangible eco-conscious solutions with rural, remote, and Indigenous communities that integrate social and environmental well-being.
February 2021: The Loveland Foundation
The Loveland Foundation strives to bring opportunity and healing to communities of colour with a focus on Black women and girls. In an effort to break down barriers limiting access to treatment by members of diverse ethnic and racial groups, the Loveland Therapy Fund provides financial assistance to women and girls seeking therapy. Through fellowships, residency programs, listening tours and more, Loveland contributes to both the empowerment and the liberation of the communities they serve.
December 2020: M'akola Housing Society 
The M’akola is B.C’s top Indigenous affordable housing provider. Through community partnerships and funders, M’akola is able to provide subsidized housing, affordable rentals and assisted living units throughout most of BC. We supported their holiday gift card campaign, which hands out gift cards for grocery stores, restaurants and department stores to those who need it the most. The hope is to provide every M’akola home with a gift for Christmas!
November 2020: CoolAid - Sandy Merriman House
Safe and affordable housing is a key part of the solution to homelessness. Homes are critical for people to regain their health and dignity and the Sandy Merriman House provides emergency shelter for 25 women (this is an inclusive definition of “woman” & “female” - trans women, gender fluid and non-binary people are welcome).
We donated 100+ single use soaps to the Sandy Merriman guests to use when they come for shelter and support. A hot shower can make a world of a difference and we hope our handmade soaps make them feel a little extra special. 
October 2020: Canadian Cancer Society
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All donations go towards funding groundbreaking research, providing critical support to help people affected by cancer, and shaping health policies to save lives and make living with cancer easier. A future without breast cancer is the goal!
September 2020: Fish For The Future Fund
Fish for the Future started as a catch-and-release tournament with the purpose of engaging the local fishing community and raising money for healthy fish stocks in Clayoquot Sound.  Now, three years later, it is a year-round conservation initiative to safeguard Tofino’s salmon. The goal is to protect wild salmon and an ecosystem that supports responsible fishing. 100% of the funds raised will be dedicated to various Clayoquot Sound watershed projects such as
  1. Shoreline Protection + Restoration
  2. Hatchery + Salmon Enhancement
  3. Catch + Release Initiatives
  4. Wild Salmon Out Migration Studies
As Fish for the Future Fund grows, so too will conservation and protection of these precious waters and the wildlife that lives here. 
August 2020: Lebanon Humanitarian Needs Appeal
Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon, suffered two massive explosions on August 4th. The explosions are a national tragedy and have caused widespread damage, homelessness, injury, and death. Survivors are also facing an economic crisis, fears of COVID-19, and political turmoil in Lebanon, making matters even more dire. The emergency aid will be sent to survivors as they recover and rebuild. There is an extensive list of charities supporting relief efforts in Beirut that you can find here.
July 2020: Water First
The reality is 20% of First Nations communities in Canada are under a boil water advisory. In Ontario, it’s 40%, twice the national average. Water First is a registered non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping First Nations communities solve local water challenges through education, training and meaningful collaboration. They have partnered with over 50 Indigenous communities on a variety of education and training projects focusing on drinking water and environmental water. By hiring and training locally, Water First’s programs ensure that skills, knowledge, and credentials stay in communities long after a project is completed.
June 2020: Nations Youth Society
Nations Youth Society is an Indigenous-led organization that inspires youth and encourages the importance of keeping Indigenous culture and traditions alive. NATIONS is excited about building healthier communities by providing skateboarding lessons and promoting the construction of more skateparks in First Nations communities. Skateboarding is more than just a hobby; it’s an outlet for making friends, staying focused, and being part of something bigger. The funds raised will help with their upcoming trips to Indigenous communities in Alberta to pay for car rentals, gas, lodging, per diem for instructors, and safety equipment for participants.

May 2020:
Support Network for Indigenous Women & Women of Colour
The SNIWWOC is a Canadian non-profit organization based out of Victoria, BC committed to the empowerment of women through food, art, and education. SNIWWOC operates from a holistic and integrated service model that addresses the social, cultural and political realities of racialized women. When it comes to relevant things happening in the world right now, something you can’t ignore is the Black Life Matters movement and the lack of support for Indigenous people, black people, and people of colour.
April 2020: Victoria Women's Transition House Society
Victoria Women’s Transition House Society collaborates, advocates and educates to address and prevent intimate partner violence and abuse of women and children through supportive shelter, housing, counselling and other community-based services. Unfortunately, in times of crisis such as the Covid-19 lockdown, the evidence shows an increase in gender-based violence in and out of the home. 
March 2020: Sidrap Wind Farm Project Indonesia, a Gold Standard Foundation Carbon Offset
The Sidrap Wind Farm project consists of 30 wind turbines and produces 253,000 MWh of renewable energy per year to the South Sulawesi national grid - enough to power over 70,000 local homes! This project reduces Indonesia’s dependence on fossil fuels for power generation, provides local employment opportunities, promotes equal pay, reduces air pollution, and raises awareness for climate change.
February 2020: Gidimt’en Strong
What is happening in the Wetʼsuwetʼen territory is perhaps one of the most complicated Canadian narratives of our time. How could it not be when so many conflicting interests and concerns are involved; Indigenous rights, the Albertan and Canadian economy, climate change, the livelihood of families who depend on the oil and gas sector. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, and regardless of if the pipeline goes through or not, the Wet’suwet’en people deserve the recognition they are fighting for. In the simplest sense, honouring their most basic human rights, their efforts, and their identity is the right thing to do.
January 2020: WIRES Wildlife Rescue Organization
WIRES mission is to actively rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife and inspire others to do the same. Compounding the impact of one of the worst droughts in history, massive wildfires raged for months in what has become known as Australia's Black Summer. Millions of hectares of land were burnt and 20% of Australian forests were lost. These extreme events took a tragic toll on the wildlife and WIRES remains focused on the rescue, rehabilitation and recovery of these animals.
December 2019: Solar Cooking for Refugee Families in Chad, a Gold Standard Foundation Carbon Offset
Thousands of refugees from Darfur have the chance to vastly improve their life by using the CooKit solar cookers. For women, having to venture outside of the camp to collect scarce firewood, the risk of being attacked or raped has been an everyday fear in the refugee camps in Eastern Chad. This project does not only eliminate the danger of women exposing themselves to physical harm, but also verifiably improves health conditions, especially among women and children, because cooking with solar energy is smokeless. Furthermore, it empowers the women by giving them a viable role in the project, and without the need to collect firewood women have more time to pursue handcrafting or other jobs and children can attend school.
November 2019: 100MW Wind Power Project in Andhra Pradesh, a Gold Standard Foundation Carbon Offset
This 100 MW wind power plant is located in Andhra Pradesh, India and consists of 50 wind turbines. The goal behind this project is to generate over 215 GWh of clean electricity and positively impact the lives of local communities. The project is supported by Orange Renewable who ensures that environmental and social responsibility is at the core of every step taken. Orange conducted a detailed community 'Need Assessment' survey to understand local requirements and consistently invests in community health care, education, clean drinking water infrastructure, women empowerment, and meaningful local employment.