The average person uses around 16 beauty products in their daily routine; cleanser, face lotion, toner, make up, moisturizer, sunscreen, perfume, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, styling gel, hairspray, etc. You get the idea.

We’re using so many products for so many different reasons… have you ever stopped in front of your bathroom cupboard to think, is it really necessary? In light of this year's current events and our new home-based lifestyles, what even is “essential” nowadays?




Essentialism can be defined in so many different ways and will be unique to each individual. To someone constantly exposed to harsh midday sun, sunscreen is going to be absolutely pivotal, while an acne serum may feel completely necessary for another person suffering from blemish-prone skin. 


The truth is (and you’re not going to like it), the beauty industry as a whole is not as sustainable as companies make it out to be. 

Eco-friendly packaging is a hot topic and something we hear about a lot from companies trying to advertise their green initiatives. We see small businesses attempting to do their absolute best, reducing or making eco-conscious decisions surrounding their packaging as much as possible. And it’s not as easy as it looks! For small businesses striving for perfection, the added cost of more sustainable packaging can be overwhelming. Larger companies need to adopt alternatives such as plastic-free packaging so it can become more accessible for smaller businesses. 

However, packaging cannot be the entire focus of the sustainability movement within beauty. Ultimately, we need to produce and consume less. As an industry, we need to really embrace the age of essentials, focusing in on multi-purpose products or essential functionality. This is what trend experts have deemed Skinamalism


Another motivation behind Skinimalism is the idea of inclusion and holism, focusing on acceptance and well-being, rather than insecurity and the need for perfection. Skinimalism isn’t just shedding the countless bottles of products - it’s leaving behind the unrealistic beauty standards we’ve been constantly subjected to all of our lives. Suddenly more than ever, the “no makeup” and “natural” looks are becoming increasingly popular. For some it is a breath of fresh air from the incessant push to buy more and more products in an effort to rid ourselves of imperfections and blemishes. 





Skinimalism is a movement of self-love in its entirety. Enhance, nourish, and protect your skin because you care for it instead of hiding or blasting your skin with products designed to change the appearance of it. The “glowing skin” look that everyone seems to be raving about isn’t achieved by bronzers, blush, or a perfectly matched foundation - it’s healthy skin. It’s skin that has been loved on and is supported by mindful self care.


Additionally, using too many or the wrong products for our skin can disrupt the skin barrier, ultimately negating the use of the products themselves. For those that suffer from sensitive skin and are looking for a regime with less chemicals, minimizing the number of products and thus the number of ingredients you put on your skin is the place to start. Even if ingredients are natural, it doesn’t justify the need to use dozens of them. Plus, less ingredients = less chance for reactions. Starting with a restricted routine will allow you to really understand what works for you. 


As a side note, this isn’t to negate artists and the beautiful looks people are able to achieve with makeup. For many, makeup is a creative outlet and a form of artistic expression, and a very impressive one at that! Simply put, we just want you to be proud of what you are putting on your face. 


At the end of the day, your skincare routine is just that - a routine. The comfort of routine can be as important as the actual end result. But as the classic saying goes, sometimes less is more. If your long routine is what grounds you, try incorporating a step into your routine that doesn’t involve the addition of another disposable product. For example, you could finish off your end-of-day cleanse with an all-in-one face lotion (hello For Your Face!) and a long face massage or Gua Sha session


for your face


So as a consumer, what now? Don’t rush to your bathroom and throw out all those half-empty products to replace them with more utility ones. Finish what you have, and the next time you are ready to buy something, ask yourself this, “Do I really need this?”. This exercise may help catch any impulse decisions. Mindfulness is what sustainability is all about. Some more things you can start to ask yourself; how am I integrating these products into my routine? Is this product working well for me? Is there one product that can serve two functions? 

But remember! A treat is okay. What is life without the finer things to enjoy! In the same way that you are conscious about buying something like some new shoes, it is okay to buy that perfume you really want and know smells amazzzzzzzzing on you. We’re not saying to go barebones -  just be conscious of your needs and how they align with your sustainability values.

So our verdict on whether Skinamlism is here to say? That’s a hard yes. Because it has too! Another upside... you’re not hurting the ol’ wallet either ;)



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