In addition to that new shampoo bar, looks like you'll be needing another quick how-to on it's other half - our infamous conditioner bar


Step 1 - Run your conditioner bar over hair, from the nape of your neck towards the ends of your hair. Circular motions may be required for longer hair to work the conditioner in more. 

man in shower, using conditioner bar on hair

Step 2 - Massage into hair and leave in for 1-2 minutes. Comb product through your hair to smooth out any tangles.

man combing conditioner through hair with pink comb.



Step 3 - Rinse clean. Dry and style hair as usual. 

man rinsing hair out in shower after using conditioner.


short curly brown hair


When using your bar as a shave bar, run the bar over your skin as you shave for a silky smooth glide.

Pro tip: keep your bars away from any spraying water. Keeping your bars on a soap dish (with drainage!) is key to getting the most out of your bars. If you are travelling with your bars in a travel tin, pat bars down or leave your bars to air dry for an hour or so before packing them up.


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Happy showering! xo 


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