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  • Formula makes 5 x 20g units but can be adjusted to make larger batches
  • Directions and helpful links (equipment, production techniques)
  • Shopping list with suggested quantities and links to ingredients
  • PDF + additional 5x empty tins is also available for purchase (only available in Canada)

Enjoy For Your Face forever!!


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Customer Reviews

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a long time favourite

I have been consistently using this product for 3+ years now I think. I mean I have 5 empty tins in my drawer at home as proof this is a product I LOVE! I have had friends that have started to use this lotion. The smell is amazing and it seems to last for so long because a little goes a long way. My face is always the softest and happiest in the morning after using it and in the winter I tend to use a dab here and there to help with my dry skin. This would be a desert island product for me. If you're thinking about it, buy it, because it's the best!

Seriously, so good!

So simple and so fabulous! I have sensitive skin and my skin has been loving this moisturiser. Have been using it both in the morning and evening, and a small amount goes a long way.


I've been using For Your Face since I first tried it teo years ago! Great before aloe as a nighttime moisturizer, especially when it's cold and windy.

Love this product!

I use For Your Face everyday and I love it so much! I have dry skin and I haven't found a better moisturizer than this one at hydrating my skin, especially in these dry winter months! My only suggestion would be to have it available in a larger size container!

Rory Ross-kelly
The product is great! the tin is not.

I love the product so much for a good nighttime moisturizer. It smells great and makes my skin very soft. It even helps minimize the look of my eczema. The only issue I have is with the tin it comes in. It’s so easy to accidentally bend or dent witch makes the lid almost impossible to get off (especially with other skincare on your hands). I ended up not being able to keep it in my makeup bag because I couldn’t put the lid on securely if I ever wanted to open the tin again. I will probably re order it for myself regardless, however it makes me less inclined to buy it as a gift for others this holiday season.

I feels ya!!! Although we love the metal tins because even if they aren’t re-used, they are 100% recyclable with no loss in quality (unlike plastic which is either a) just down-cycled and is eventually unusable or b) not recycled at all), alas, sometimes the lids can be finicky. So they aren’t a perfect alternative.... we are actually in the process of sourcing some new packaging though!

So glad you to hear you are enjoying the lotion itself and seeing good results. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and stay tuned for upgraded packaging!