Dish Soap Block + Soap Dish Bundle

This Green Room bundle contains:

·       1 Dish Soap Block

·       1 soap dish

You can choose between the Terracotta or the Ivory soap dish from the menu below.

'Minimalist kitchen' is an aesthetic and this dish soap block and recycled plastic soap dish definitely pass the vibe check. This kitchen essential is tough on grease and gentle on landfills. 

For best results, rub the soap with a wet sponge or dish scrubber in a circular motion to create a rich lather. Repeat as needed to refresh suds for ultimate cleaning power. 

The removable grated insert inside the soap dish allows for airflow underneath your bars and the catchment tray will ensure your counter stays dry and protected from dripping water. Mushy soap is a thing of the past. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Long lasting and effective

I will never go back to my old dish soap. This works great on the dishes and it lasts a long time. It also doesn't dry my hands out and cause irritation like most dish soap has in the past.

So handy!

Love the dish soap block! Lasts so long! Easy to use with scrub brush or cloth and looks pretty next to my sink. Super handy and love it

Dish soap fabulous, love all of your products

Adore Green Room. Have purchased for ourselves and a few friends. Environmentally friendly, and super convenient for everyday use, on a boat, RV, or travel in general. A friend who gets excema from dish soap thanks you for your dish soap bars. No problems now. The soap bags are perfect for getting lather and using up the whole bar

Love your soaps and shampoo

This is my third order from Green Room and I continue to be very happy with your products. My main interests are your shampoo and soaps. I decided to try your dish soap this time around and I was wishing that the soap bar was a little smaller so it fit into one of your travel tins as I think it will be perfect for our vacation and picnic trips.
The service is excellent and very prompt
I loved that you are supporting Ukraine and was happy to order your package

Grim Killa!

Wow! I am blown away by how powerful this soap is! And it smells ten times better than any other dish soap I have used in the past.

It works a little different than the traditional soap. Rubbing your brush, wash cloth or sponge on the bar ever so often freshens up the suds power. But don't let that extra step deceive you! From my experience it has more grim cutting power than sunlight or dawn! All while using less product and without the wasteful plastic packaging!

I welcome this change into my kitchen routine and am never going back. Nothing like a perfectly natural lemon fresh scented soap bar which leaves my dishes squeaky clean and my kitchen smelling fresh to spice up my dish-washing-life!