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Color: Pink Lemonade

Size: Mini


Claw clips are back and they are definitely here to stay and continue their reign as your new holy grail hair accessory. Available in multiple sizes to cover the entire spectrum of hair thickness, length, and texture, the struggle to find a clip that actually holds your hair in place is over.


  • Timeless design is both chic and functional - effortlessly supports hair all day and into the evening
  • Square shape ensures teeth lay flat and do not poke into the back of your head
  • Exceptional spring recoil for a secure and budge-free hold that does not damage hair, pull on roots, or cause headaches
  • Cellulose acetate material is high-quality, extremely durable, and resistant to breakage... check out this video that proves it 💪


It’s really quite amazing how perfectly claw clips embody “capsule wardrobe” and “no bad hair days”. Guaranteed to replace that tired hair elastic hanging off your wrist and relieve the feeling of matted hair on a hot sticky neck. They’re so comfortable, sometimes we even fall asleep wearing them (bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ~ I woke up like this ~). 


Mini, 7cm long- best for short and fine hair & half-up-half-down styles

Midi, 10.5cm long- best for short to mid-length hair, any thickness & texture

Large, 12cm long - best for long, thick, & textured hair

X-Large, 13cm long - best for long, extra thick, & ultra textured hair


Materials & Care

Derived from wood pulp and cotton fibres, Cellulose Acetate (CA) is a more durable, flexible, and eco-friendly alternative to plastic which is often cheap, fragile, and easily breakable. Cellulose acetate ensures product longevity so you can enjoy many years of satisfied usage. 

Because the clips are handmade and due to the nature of the material, slight variations in teeth alignment, as well as colour patterns and shades can be expected. 

We hope that your hair accessories last a lifetime. However, if for any reason your clip is damaged beyond repair or wear, we want to keep it out of the landfillsCheck out our recycling program!

Some things to note

No 1. Don't leave your clip in super warm places (ie. a hot car or sauna) and be cautious when wearing on very hot days in the direct sun. Excessive heat can alter the shape of the cellulose acetate.

No 2. Due to the heat-sensitive and flexible nature of cellulose acetate, you may find that the clip will acquire a slight stretch over time. To reset your clip, place the clip in a hot water bath (hot enough to make the material malleable, but not boiling) for approx. ten minutes and wrap an elastic around the clip to keep the teeth together. Remove from water bath and dry off completely. While the clip is warm and malleable, manually bending it back into shape can help close the gap between the teeth.

No 3. Don't allow your clip to be continuously wet as the metal spring can rust. Always dry your clip off and give it a fresh water rinse if it gets wet in salty water.

Customer Reviews

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Linza Wheeler
Amazing product!

Finally a clip for thick hair! Literally feel like I have been struggling with finding good clips my whole life and then a friend recommended this clip! She had a medium one and I was like "wow that's a really nice big clip" and she changed my life forever when she said "they come in large and extra large" :D I bought three and I am in love.


Just love love love this product! My hair always feels amazing. Thank you :):)

Taryn Bishop
Best claw clips around

I absolutely love these claw clips! I bought two before my trip to Greece this summer, I wore them every single day! I just ordered some more in some other colours. Can’t wait to have a collection!

Lost and Found

So, I recently lost this claw clip. I couldn’t find it anywhere, then I went to wash our bedsheets and found it under the mattress (we sleep in a loft so the mattress is directly on the ground) so it’s had our combined body weight sleeping on top of it. Found it in perfect condition, didn’t break or even bend!

Anna McKenzie-Sasges
Simply the best

I don't have the longest hair, but it's thick, frizzy and has a life of it's own, and I've never been able to contain it with just a clip (always had to pull it back in a hair tie) until the large and XL clip! I have worked full eight-hour serving shifts in the sun with these bad boys in my hair, and not felt the need to fix it or adjust. They're also sturdy, and don't feel flimsy at all. Got a few as gifts for my friends, supremely stoked!!