Alligator Clips - Square

BEST FOR: all hair types

Checkered duos that are fun to wear and exude a sort of wild and edgy elegance. Not quite oval, not quite rectangle, this unique shape sets the square alligator clips apart from simpler silhouettes without straying too far from that classic barrette aesthetic.  

Alligator clips come with tiny teeth to grip your hair firmly, working all day to maintain a secure hold and fight against any slippage. Highly practical and versatile, style them solo or together for a fun stacked look. Great for taming flyaways and pulling hair away from your face in faux half-up-half-down hairstyles. 

Too easy to use, anyone can accessorize with these to elevate their look. Checkers have exploded onto the accessory scene and we're not about to miss out on this fashion-forward opportunity. It's all in the details! 

Each order comes in a set of 2.


Vinyl Checker
Classic Checker
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  • Product Specs + Care
Product Specs + Care

Hold: double wide, strong grip

Dimensions: 6.5cm long x 2.25cm wide x 1.5cm tall

Materials: Cellulose acetate, metal hardware

Slight variations in color or pattern may occur due to the nature of acetate production.

We hope that your hair accessories last a lifetime. However, if for any reason your clip is damaged beyond repair or wear, we want to keep it out of the landfillsCheck out our recycling program!


Some things to note:

No 1. Don't leave your clips in super warm places (ie. a hot car or sauna). The heat can alter the shape of the cellulose acetate.

No 2. Don't allow your clip to be continuously wet as the metal spring can rust. Always dry your clip off and give it a fresh water rinse if it gets wet in salty water.

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