It’s super simple. Traditional lotions are made up of oil and water held together with an emulsifier. Because there is water in the system (around 70% of the formula), there also has to be a preservative. Oil serums are much less complicated! Our For Your Face lotion can be thought of as a solid oil serum, made thicker by the presence of waxes and butters.⠀

The secret to getting velvety skin with oil serums is applying it to damp skin… you create the emulsion as you massage it in!

Oil from a serum + moisture from water on your skin = what is traditionally sold in a bottle and called lotion.

Our little face lotion may seem small, but it packs a mighty punch. “I love this stuff!! It gives you a nice dewy glow and the tin lasts so long.” It’s because what’s inside the tin is solid gold, not 70% water. You need only half a pea size amount or less for every application. 


You've probably heard of the gut microbiome, but did you know your skin also has a microbiome? Your skin is home to a community of billions of friendly living microbes. Good bacteria on your skin work by stimulating the skin’s immune system and preventing the colonization of bad bacteria by secreting toxic chemicals or competing for nutrients.⠀

Because traditional lotions are an emulsion between oil and water, and bacteria feed on water, these lotions require a preservative to ensure the safety of the product. The antimicrobial properties of preservatives don’t know how to differentiate between good bacteria on your skin, and bad bacteria in a product though. Some preservatives have been shown to inhibit the growth of good skin-resident bacteria, thus potentially disturbing the skin microbiota. There are studies that have shown a link between a significantly imbalanced microbiome and skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis and eczema. If you experience very sensitive skin, this may be affecting you. 

For Your Face lotion is an anhydrous (water-free) formula. It is a very simple product that doesn’t contain a preservative. Only plant extracts and proteins that provide tons of bioavailable nutrients for your skin. There is a low concentration of tea tree oil that exhibits very mild antimicrobial properties.

The intention of this post is not to make you think that preservatives are harmful! If a product contains water, it is 100% safer to have a preservative within the system, then to not have one at all. If you are already using products with preservatives and are not experiencing skin issues, then keep on keepin’ on! This information is only meant to offer you one potential explanation for sensitive skin and introduce you to alternative product formulations.

The biggest take away for this blog post; simplify your routine. Excessive cleansing and using tons of product on your skin may be doing more harm than good. If using less chemicals on your skin is important to you, For Your Face is one of the easiest ways you can clean up your facial routine!

When using For Your Face, avoiding drying your face off before applying it, and don’t dry it off afterwards. Please DO apply with dry, clean fingers. It will take about 3-4 minutes for it to absorb beautifully into your skin!


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