What is Purple Shampoo? 💜

No matter what your hair colour is, you've likely heard of purple shampoo before. To understand what purple shampoo does for your beautiful blonde locks, we must first understand what brassiness is. Brassiness is described as unwanted yellow and warm tones in lightened hair. This colour change is especially prominent in platinum and light blondes. These tones can be caused by a multitude of external environmental factors such as UV rays, over-washing your hair, chlorine, mineral impurities in water, etc. 

This is where Purple shampoo comes in. 

But how does it work? Think of your standard colour wheel, something you probably haven't seen since elementary school. Purple sits opposite of yellow, making them complementary colours. Because they are complementary colours, purple will counteract and correct any unwanted brassiness - a blonde's nemesis. 

colour wheel with purple and yellow highlighted

As the Purple Suds run through your hair, purple pigment is deposited onto your strands, helping to eliminate those yellow tones. Regular use of purple shampoo and conditioner will keep the brass at bay, refresh your colour, and maintain a cool, vibrant blonde or grey in between salon visits. 


What makes our Purple Shampoo Bar different? 

Most purple shampoos on the market tend to be a tad drying and leave processed hair feeling dull and lifeless. Simple, effective ingredients paired with a range of purple pigments make our bars the best of the best! Our Purple Suds and Silk bars are vegan, pH balanced, 99% plant & mineral based, and made in Canada. They are gentle enough for daily use and are super travel-friendly for use on a weekend adventure or destination holiday. ✈

Each bar offers the same benefits as the best purple shampoo and conditioners on the market, without any of the plastic waste!

 blonde girl washing hair with purple shampoo. Image shows purple suds as girl massages shampoo into scalp.

Who should use Purple Shampoo?

  • Platinum blondes and light ashy blondes
  • Grey haired beauties
  • Brunettes with cool toned ombre or blonde highlights 


How often should you use Purple Shampoo?

This is a tough question as haircare is so personal. How often you use your Purple shampoo and conditioner bars is totally up to you!

For best results, we recommend to use it as you would your regular shampoo and conditioner. If your hair is very porous and the colour is depositing more than you would like, feel free to drop your usage down to once a week. 


How to use the Purple Shampoo Bar?

  1. Thoroughly wet hair
  2. Massage Purple Suds shampoo bar against your head, focusing on the scalp
  3. Massage product into hair, leave in for 2-3 minutes
  4. Rinse thoroughly
  5. Follow with Purple Silk conditioner bar
  6. Run bar over hair from nape of neck towards ends of hair. Circular motions may be required for longer hair to work the conditioner in more.
  7. Leave in for 3-5 minutes or longer if needed. This part is completely up to you!
  8. Rinse thoroughly
  9. Leave bars to fully dry in between use. These bars can stain fabric (like your shower curtain) or surfaces if left unwashed for long periods of time. We recommend using a soap dish that will catch any 'drippage' from the bars. Our soap dish is a great option as it drains into a contained area. It is made from 100% Canadian post-consumer recycled plastic and is dishwasher safe!

Take this quiz to discover your perfect shampoo and conditioner bar match!

Happy washing! 💚

- Green Room Girls xo


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