New year, new us baby. We are hoping that 2022 will bring all of us to exciting and interesting new destinations! 

Here are a few tips I've learnt over the years on how to pack the ultimate carry on.

tip no1. triple check the carry on dimensions & weight

We’ve all seen it - someone trying to be sneaky and get on the plane with a massive carry on. As they hold up the line, you begin to gawk as they start to fight with the ticketing agent.

Don’t be that gal. 

Check your planes carry on dimensions & weight limitations & make sure that your suitcase fits within those parameters. Some carriers do not have weight limitations, while others do. For example, Air Canada has no weight restrictions - their only requirement is that you must be able to lift your own carry on into the overhead bins un-assisted. 

Weight limitations usually sit around 7-10kg, depending on the country & carrier. Flights in and around Asia for instance, usually have lighter carry on restrictions. So although your first flight may leave from Canada, your subsequent flights may have different restrictions (something I have learned the hard way). Airlines will require you to pay for and check your bag halfway through your journey. 

carry on dimensions Air Canada infographic


tip no2. opt for solid replacements when you can.

The reason I first switched to shampoo bars was for travel. I was going to be spending the summer of 2018 travelling with just a 30L backpack, so I needed to pack LIGHT. I made the switch & now I have found solid replacements for so many different products. They are not only travel friendly, but they are also so much more sustainable and eco-friendly than products packaged in plastic bottles and tubes. An added bonus is that you don't have to worry about leakage in your luggage.

All of the Green Room line is designed to travel in your carry on, but our favourite travel essentials are our shampoo and conditioner bars, travel tins, For Your Face lotion, and Tuff Stuff

Just remember - not everything has a solid or 100% eco-friendly equivalent (yet). Just do your best, sustainability isn't perfect! 

 Solid shampoo and conditioner bar in travel tin, with face lotion and face serum in reuseable silicone bag. the words "opt for solid toiletries" is written over top of the image.


tip no3. plan for in-flight access

Make sure the items that you will be needing in-flight are accessible, and not stuffed way down in your carry on. Things like: 

  • Your book
  • Earbuds
  • Chargers
  • iPad
  • Snacks 
  • Water bottle 
  • Sanitizer & extra masks

If you’re bringing a personal item and a carry on, remember to put the items that you will need during your flight in the bag that will be stowed under the seat in front of you, and not in the overhead bins. 

Book, lavender travel tin and iphone charger sticking out of carry on suitcase with the words "plan for easy in-flight access" written over top


tip no4. keep your electronics & any liquids at the top of your bag. 

Remember, when you go through that horrendously long security line up - it's long for a reason. Travellers are usually riffling through their carry on, trying to pull out all of their liquids, iPads, laptops, etc... The best thing you can do is prepare to be efficient. Everyone appreciates it... seriously.

I keep my laptop in an easy access pocket and my liquids are in a clear silicone Stasher bag (the best).

 Liquid sanitizer and face serum in reusable silicone bag and laptop sticking out of carry on luggage with the words "ease through security" witten on top.


tip no5. pack an extra set of clothes (or at least socks & undies if space is limited!)

We’ve all been there - you get to your final destination and you eagle-eye watch every suitcase come out onto the carousel, waiting for yours to pop out of the abyss. Round & round they go and yours doesn’t seem to make an appearance - turns out, United has lost your luggage (it’s always United, amiright?). 

Packing at least two sets of socks and undies, as well as an outfit change, will give you some extra time while you wait for your luggage to arrive, even if it takes an extra day or two. 

If your destination is sunny, throw in a bathing suit too! Don't need clothes at the beach ;)  

 packing cube with clothing inside, half un zipped with words "pack an extra outfit" written over top.


tip no6. pack snacks & an empty water bottle. 

Airport food is expensive so sometimes it's best to pack a few granola bars or other snacks for your trip. Also, bringing an empty water bottle to fill up once you have passed security is key. My fav is the collapsible Stojo water bottle, which folds right up when not in use - perfect for traveling light!

Image of hand holding a collapsible silicone water bottle and nuts in a reusable silicone bag. 

Happy travels! xo 


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