Love using your zero waste shampoo bars and bar soap but feel like the ends actually wind up going to waste when they get too small? Crumbly pieces of shampoo bar and slippery little soap slivers can seem like they aren't worth the trouble - we have a solution for that!

Crumbly small pieces of shampoo bar and soap bar.


Look no further, soap saver bags are an ingenious way of prolonging the life of both your shampoo and soap bars. Using your bars up until the bitter end has never been easier! 

Soap saver bags double as a light exfoliator and are a great way to control slippery bars in the shower. You can use them to store and hang dry your bars and they fit snugly into our travel tins when you have to take them on the road.

Our soap saver bags are made of 100% cotton and are compostable at the end of their life. Machine washable too! 

How to use 

Step one: Place shampoo bar or bar of soap in bag. Depending on your preference, you can store the full bar or just the ends of your bars in your soap saver baggies. 

Hand holding shampoo bar pieces and soap saver bag


Step two: It’s ready to use! Simply massage the bar within the bag under running water to work up a lather as usual.

It’s seriously that easy. For use with shampoo bars, you can rub the sudsy bag right onto your scalp as you would with a normally naked shampoo bar. 

Soap saver bags hanging in shower on black shower caddy.


When your soap saver bag is in need of a wash, remove any left over shampoo/soap pieces and toss it in with your regular laundry. Hang your soap saver bag to dry. 

What are your thoughts on soap saver bags!? We love this low-waste lifestyle essential - so simple, yet so effective. 


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