We don’t gatekeep – we know how tough it is to run a small business, especially in Canada! Everything that is essential to running our business seems to come from the US, and we are constantly getting dinged on duties & our terrible conversion rate. So hopefully this list of the best Canadian/ Canadian-friendly suppliers might help you out, no matter where you are at on your small business journey! 🫶🏼


1. Shipping Boxes - ULINE
Although technically a US company, ULINE doesn’t charge duties when importing shipping boxes into Canada. They have the best sizing, colour options, and prices for shipping boxes & vessels of all kinds. Even for our paper market bags & packing paper, we use ULINE.
For smaller quantities, here's a link for some other boxes - great for bigger wholesale orders too!


2. Paper Tape - Sticker Mule 
We really wanted to up our branding but custom boxes can cost upwards of $5-$10 per box – which is out of range for a small business. We opted for custom tape to up our packaging game while being eco & cost-consious. Our custom paper tape is cute, simple & 100% recyclable.



3. Stickers & Labels - Sticker Mule
We also use Sticker Mule for our stickers & labels. They are waterproof & such good quality – mine has been through the dishwasher a bunch and still looks good as new. 



We also use custom labels to add a little cuteness to our local pickup orders!



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