Our top 3 low-waste business practices

As a low-waste skin & haircare company, we try our best to minimize our environmental footprint. Here are a few things we implement in our day to day business practices that have reduced our waste & helped us to become a Certified Green Business and Certified Ocean Friendly Business.

no 1. we offer package-free options

All of our shampoo & conditioner bars are offered online with the option to be shipped naked or within a product box. This allows customers who are already familiar with the product or who have found all the necessary information online to opt for the 100% zero-waste option!

no 2. 100% recyclable shipping supplies

All of our shipping supplies are plastic-free and 100% recyclable. Our shipping boxes, packaging tape, stuffing, and thank you cards are all made out of paper, making it super easy to recycle or compost. We re-use may of the boxes used to ship our supplies and encourage our customers to re-use their boxes before recycling as well.  

We decided to go with branded paper tape instead of branded boxes for a few reasons. Branded boxes are more labour and custom material intensive and may have limited reusability down the line. There is also a substantial additional cost for custom boxes, so we opted for the more energy efficient and cost-effective alternative of custom paper tape. 

We get our custom packaging tape from Sticker Mule and we absolutely love it! We designed our tape with the logo sitting sideways so that we could use a smaller section of tape to secure our boxes without minimizing the aesthetic/branding. 


no 3. our product packaging is 100% plastic-free

Our shampoo and conditioner bars come packaged in paper boxes and our soaps come with a recycled paper tag and reusable thumbtack. Our skincare is packaged in 100% recyclable aluminum tins. Aluminum is a great material as it can be recycled an infinite amount of times without any reduction in quality!


- Green Room Girls xo


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