We are SO stoked to be integrating this program into our sustainable business practices. By purchasing our skincare products, you can participate in a circular economy and save a few bucks along the way. Say what! 

Instead of tossing the For Your Face and Tuff Stuff metal tins into the recycling bin, send them back to us for refill again and again. Recycling metal is a very energy intensive process so the most eco-friendly thing we can do is to re-use the tins as many times as we can. Because they are so light and compact, the tins have a very small travel footprint making this initiative a no brainer on our end! 

We have created some custom envelops that will be sent along in your online orders and to stockists for in-store purchases. Made of 30% post-consumer recycled fibres, these envelopes come equipped with a Peel & Press strip for an easy and secure seal.

We hope you are as excited about this as we are!



Please clean your tin(s) with soap
and water. Dry and product-free tins make the
sanitization process quicker and
more cost-effective!


Send via Canada Post with one
over-sized letter stamp. The Return-A-Tin
program is only available within

Canada at this time.


Leave us your email on the inside of
the envelope to unlock the discount
code RETURN-A-TIN for $10.00 off
your next order! We will activate the
discount code for the email provided and
      will notify you when you can use it!             


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  • Annette Noble: March 30, 2021
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    Love this. Thank you for the reuse option.

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