We kicked February off with an interview with two very rad ladies; Alex Armstrong, a pro skier based out of Revelstoke and founder of Good Gear Auction, and Sally Stanier, the organizer of the latest auction and the connection with Bowhead Corp.



The Good Gear model focuses on raising money by auctioning off community donated athletic gear. All proceeds then go towards supporting organizations that promote diversity and accessibility to outdoor spaces and recreation. Whether your interest lies in assisting those who have previously struggled to gain access to outdoor experiences and opportunities, or you want to promote a circular economy through the reuse and recycling of equipment, or you would even just like to pick up some cheap gear for yourself, there really is something for everyone in the Good Gear model!



As advocates for the enjoyment and protection of our environment, it is incredibly important for us to also be advocates for equal inclusion and opportunity for others. We need people from all backgrounds and walks of life to be playing in mother nature, and if true sustainability is the goal, it’s up to all of us to make sure that can happen. 

As Kimberly Crenshaw said; “Intersectionality is a lens through which you can see where power comes and collides, where it interlocks and intersects. It’s not simply that there’s a race problem here, a gender problem here and a class or LBGTQ problem there.”

During the last auction, Good Gear was able to raise a whopping $19k for indigenous women outdoors and Colour The Trails, two organizations working towards breaking down barriers to outdoor recreation for BIPOC communities. Shifting the focus a little bit, the next auction will be raising money in pursuit of purchasing a Bowhead adaptive bike for the Live it! Love it! Foundation.



The “Live it! Love it! Foundation” in Revelstoke, BC envisions a world where adventure and outdoor recreation for those with disabilities is accessible and affordable. Live it! Love it! hosts camps and workshops that provide the proper equipment and guidance needed to support people with injuries or illness with their rehabilitation into outdoor activities. Using adaptive equipment helps make their goal of inclusion feasible. Bowhead Corp designs and manufactures adaptive equipment for people with disabilities, making this a great team up. 




As able-bodied people and people of privilege, it’s important for us to recognize how freely we get to explore the world and that there is work to be done to ensure that everyone has these same experiences. When it comes to sustainability, once we are able to bridge the gaps that slow down real progress and realize that everything is interconnected, positive change will be limitless! Sally and Alex are leading the movement on this with their auctions.




Go check out our Insta IGTV to catch the interview with Alex & Sally about how the auction works, how you can be involved, and more on why adaptive equipment and spaces are important for the outdoor recreation community!


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