So you got a new shampoo bar for Christmas… now what? What kind of sorcery is hidden in this tiny little bar? Don’t worry - it’s super simple!


Step 1 - Get your hair soaking wet – this will help create a fluffy lather. 

Man washing hair in shower, with white tile


Step 2 - Rub the shampoo bar directly onto your scalp and massage into hair. Your hair will be covered in luxurious bubbles in no time.

 Man washing hair in shower, with white tile. Holding shampoo bar against head.


Step 3 - Work the lather into your hair, making sure to massage the suds into your scalp.

 Man washing hair in shower, with white tile. Sudsy hair, holding shampoo bar.


Step 4 - Rinse out, & follow with your conditioner bar.

Man rinsing hair in shower, with white tile. 

Pro tip: You'll want to store your bars away from spraying water, either sitting on a soap dish with drainage or within a soap saver bag. Keeping your bars as dry as possible between washes is key to the longevity of your bars.

Not sure how to use your conditioner bar? Check out our how-to blog here!


Easy peasy lemon squeezy :) 

Happy shampooing!


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