How Shipping Works In Canada

How Shipping Works In Canada

What's The Dealio With Shipping In Canada?

Here are a few things to remember for starters: 

  • We use Canada Post, Fedex, Purolator, and UPS for shipping within Canada
  • All of our products are greater than 2cm in width - this counts as "oversized" packaging and requires the purchase of a shipping label.  

 Why we use Canada Post:

For small packages, Canada Post is often the most cost effective service in Canada.

The cost to ship an oversized package (anything wider than 2cm... I know, that doesn't seem very oversized and unfortunately all of our products fall within this category) in Canada with Canada Post, even if it is small and very light, starts anywhere between $11-$22 depending on where it is going. For tracked packages to the US, the price usually starts somewhere between $14-$22. This cost is determined more by the distance the package is travelling, then by the weight. Weight only starts to become a factor when you start shipping heavier items. Even then, the cost does not go up that dramatically.

So remember! When you are shipping one item, two items, or even 10 items, the price will most likely stay the same or only increase very slightly. 

From an environmental point of view, it is best to buy in bulk and from one place, instead of purchasing multiple items individually from many different businesses. This will minimize any travel-related emissions and unnecessary shipping material waste. From a financial point of view, purchasing items in bulk from the same place will also help even out the $12-$19 cost of shipping. Better yet, if you hit a businesses requirement for free shipping, the cost of shipping is no longer an issue!

With the increase in shipping volume since Covid, on top of a shortage of workers AND during a time when there have been so many environmental disasters leading to road blockages, it is to be expected that packages may be delayed and for the cost of shipping to rise. Because shipping is such an integral part of many businesses, we want the courier service employees who work so hard to get your orders to you to be paid fair and liveable wages for such a complicated and essential service. 


As the holiday season and inevitable rise in online orders approaches, the best way to make shipping the most worthwhile is by stocking up on all your gifts at once! Our Family Pack of Shampoo and Conditioner Bars is one of our bundles that makes buying in bulk easy and super cost effective! This bundle has a savings of $20.00 AND qualifies for free shipping. 

Big companies like Amazon have normalized free shipping, and we get it... free shipping is awesome. But whenever you make an order from a small business and are willing to pay for shipping, it means SO much to that business to know that they have your support. Somebody has to pay that $12-$22 dollars and if it isn't you paying for that shipping label, then the business is. It may be hard to understand the time and effort independent business owners and employees put into small businesses, but every single dollar makes a difference and will go directly towards supporting families and careers. Additionally, when you shop local, your dollars stay in the community and helps support local development. This is called the Multiplier Effect (click here to read our blog on this!).


Hope you all understand shipping in Canada a little better now and happy holiday shopping!


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