Gift Guide for the Master Chef

Gift Guide for the Master Chef

The last of our Holiday Gift guides is here and it is a YUMMY one...

This weeks Gift Guide is for the foodie. For that person in your life who spends hours in the kitchen whipping up their latest and greatest, delicious and nutritious masterpiece.

No. 1 Silicone Food Storage Bags | Stasher Bags 

I absolutely love my Stasher bags. I am always finding new ways to use them in the kitchen. From marinating meats and veggies, to making homemade ice cream (honestly the best ice cream you will ever have), my Stashers have seen it all. Endlessly reusable, these silicone bags are a game changer. Stasher has paved the way in reusable silicone food storage. 

Kat, the founder of Stasher, noticed just how much single use plastic waste her and her family were producing and decided to do something about it. She went on to produce the worlds first patented, self-sealing platinum silicone storage bags and has revolutionized the industry. This type of silicone is food safe, BPA/BPS free, non-toxic and doesn't degrade over time. 

From freezer to microwave, from oven to dishwasher, Stasher bags are designed to be put through the works. You can use them for meal prep, to cook sous-vide, store soups & sauces, and marinate your food - the possibilities are endless. 

Outside of the kitchen, Stasher bags make great storage bags for just about anything. I use them in my carry-on to store any liquids (they are leakproof!) and as a makeup bag (super easy to clean when your makeup gets all over the bag...). I also bring them to the local refillery to stock up on my bulk goods, like toilet cleaner tabs, bulk foods, loose leaf tea etc... They are just so versatile! Check out their awesome blog here

In additon to having prevented 1 billion single use plastic bags from entering our landfills to date, Stasher also gives back to awesome organizations with every purchase.


No. 2 Dish Soap Block | Green Room

Gentle enough for your hands, yet tough on grease, our dish soap block will make a great addition to your counter tops. Biodegradable and scented with lavender and lemongrass essential oils, this dish soap block is a game changer. It eliminates the need for bottled hand soap and dish soap, and replaces up to 3 bottles of the liquid alternative. 

These blocks are also great for travelling - just cut off a piece of the block and bring it along with you! I spent the summer of 2018 backpacking through Southeast Asia and always kept a small dish soap block on me. Dish and hand soap is not always guaranteed and you never know when you might need it! Low-key, also used it for hand washing my clothes when I was desperate!

You can also bring a small piece of the block camping. Our dish soap blocks are 100% biodegradable and a little goes a long way - perfect for your backcountry kitchen. 

Bonus - they are aesthetically pleasing too :) 


No. 3 Field Cast Iron Skillet | Cook Culture 

Growing up, we often spent months out camping in the wilderness and the number one thing on the packing list was always our cast iron pan. We would cook just about anything right on the fire, and 20 years later, we still have that exact same pan in my childhood kitchen today. Cast Iron is one of very few materials that can truly last a lifetime. BC-based Cook Culture has all of your cast iron kitchen essentials - our favourite is the Field Cast Iron Skillet.

The entire lineup of Cast Iron goods from Field's are light enough for everyday use and naturally non stick. They are safe for gas range, electric, induction, outdoor, oven and open flame (put that sucker right on the fire!). The smooth finish and flat bottom makes these stick out amongst the competition. 

Commiting to a few good cast iron pieces that will stand the test of time will keep the crappy quality stuff out of our landfills. A wonderful gift for the Master Chef & 100% worth the investment!  


No. 5 Ramen Bowls | Kay Ceramics 

I have always had such a love for all-things pottery. This lead me to taking a semester of Pottery class at a local art school. Although the passion was there, I just couldn't throw a bowl to save my life 😓. This made my appreciation for handmade ceramics that much more profound as I realized what a true art form it really is!

Statement ceramic pieces elevate any kitchen and I am in love with Kay Ceramics. All of her pieces are elegant and simple, yet unique.  These handmade ramen bowls are my fav and they are made on island in Ucuelet, BC. 

If bowls aren't your thing, she also makes cute plates, serving ware, mugs and more kitchen essentials.

We love her contemporary style! xo

Two white ceramic ramen bowls sitting on the counter, stacked on top of each other. 

No. 5 Glass French Press | Courts General Store

I grew up in a house that idolized coffee. I now feel like morning coffee is a ritual and the best way to make it - is in a french press. French pressing coffee is the only way I make my fresh cup of java in the morning and I am obsessed with this glass french press from Courts General Store. An eco-friendly small business based out of Colorado, this store is focused on always improving their sustainable business practices, from the manufacturer, to eco conscious packaging and shipping. This glass french press is made of borosilicate glass and stainless steel - no plastic. It is not only sustainable, but also stunning and can be placed on display in any kitchen. 

I can smell the coffee already. xo


No. 6 Nature Bee Beeswax Wraps 

Nature Bee Beeswax wraps are a staple in any kitchen. These wraps are the perfect replacement for plastic wrap as they can cover up your leftovers, wrap up your sandwich, or be folded into a little snack pouch for treats on the go. These wraps also keep your produce and baked goods fresher for longer, meaning less food waste in the long run. They can be washed and reused for up to a year and are 100% compostable. You can also use your old wraps as fire starters! Life hack: I cut and roll up my old beeswax wraps and bring them camping for an easy campfire set up. 

Nature Bee wraps are made from 100% cotton and they source all of their ingredients on Vancouver Island. They are durable and help reduce single-use plastic from ending up in our landfills and oceans.

We are obsessed! xo.



No. 7 Dishwasher Detergent | Mint Cleaning

We all know how quick the dishwasher fills up when the chef of the house is in the kitchen. When I go home for the holidays, my dad is always cooking up a storm and he loves to use just about every plate, bowl, and piece of cutlery in the house. The fix? Really good dishwasher detergent. The best eco friendly detergent around is from Mint Cleaning. It's tough on grease, yet easy on the environment. Bonus: you can get it refilled at your local refillery where Mint Cleaning products are stocked. 


Happy Holidays from the Green Room Girls! xo 


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