Blue Shampoo vs. Purple Shampoo: Which One Should You Be Using?

Blue Shampoo vs. Purple Shampoo: Which One Should You Be Using?

Blue vs. Purple Shampoo - The Basics 💙💜

This is a confusing one for a lot of people. You need to understand your hair colour first because the differences are subtle! Let me explain.

Both the Blue and Purple shampoo and conditioner bars work to cool unwanted warm tones in hair. The best way to explain the difference between these two colour toning products is to refer back to a colour wheel that you likely haven't seen since your second grade art class. The concept is actually super simple! Complementary colours cancel each other out, or in haircare terms, they neutralize one another. 

So if we want to eliminate yellow tones, we need a purple pigment. If we want to eliminate orange tones, we need a blue pigment. Both Blue Suds and Silk and Purple Suds and Silk are pigment depositing formulas designed to target these subtle, but very different undertones.


But which one should you be using - Blue or Purple?

Right after we leave the salon, our hair is looking bright, vibrant, and very Insta-worthy. But after a month or so of sunshine, heat-styling, and washing our hair, we notice that our flawless colour has faded or altered slightly. 

Those of us with naturally dark brown or black hair have red undertones whereas those with lighter brunette to blonde hair will have orange and yellow undertones. When brunettes and dark blondes lighten our hair down a few shades, those natural red and orange tones start to shine through as orange or yellow. 

Generally speaking, darker brunettes with lightened hair - ombre, balayage or highlights - should use a Blue Suds and Silk to get rid of unwanted orange and copper brassiness.

Lighter brunettes, blondes, or greys should use Purple Suds and Silk to neutralize yellow brassiness for a cooler, brighter, and icier blonde or grey.


Take this quiz to discover your perfect shampoo and conditioner bar match!

There you have it! Leave a comment below if you have any questions :) 

Happy washing! 

- Green Room Girls xo


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