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Safety Razor

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With this razor model, we've mixed a vintage concept with modern minimalism. Made with brass components and a silver chrome finish, our sleek design can be enjoyed by all genders and ages. The razor fits standard double edge blades and has a satisfying weight to it - the quality of the materials is tangible while still maintaining a light and durable feel. Each razor comes with 10 free blades and in plastic-free and recyclable packaging.

Once this beauty has a spot in your bathroom cabinet, you're set for life! 


Usage: To replace the blade, unscrew the head from the handle and separate the top and bottom pieces. Slip a blade between the top and bottom pieces and screw the head back onto the handle. Enjoy a sustainable shave, every time. Click here for a video tutorial on how to set up your safety razor. For extra grip, check out this zero-waste life hack

* the blades are very sharp, please be cautious. 

Care: Store your razor in a dry place as this will prolong the life of your blades. For blade disposal, create a 'blade bank' - consider using something like a small mason jar with a screw-on lid. Depending on where you live, blades can be disposed in your recycling bin or at approved sharp locations such as hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, police stations, waste transfer clinics, or safe sharps collection drop boxes.   


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