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For Mom Bundle

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This Green Room bundle contains:

·       1 large Floral Suds & Silk set (plantable wildflower boxes)

·       1 small Baby & Kids shampoo bar (plantable wildflower box)

·       1 Lavender Zinc soap

Hands up if you know a mom that needs a little more time for herself.

Ohhhh wait... all moms do. Moms run the world! 

Give the gift of self care and a ~naturally~ good hair day to a mom and baby in your life. Guaranteed to knock a few products out of this moms life, she'll never need a deep conditioning hair mask, leave-in conditioner, or baby body wash again. She'll love how her hair looks and feels with these shampoo and conditioner bars and the baby shampoo bar doubles as a body wash bar!

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