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Face Lotion + Zinc Bundle

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For Your Face is a solid facial serum made from a blend of traditional and well-established cosmetic ingredients. The oils, butters, and waxes have several benefits for the skin, but the main purpose is to aid in skin protection and minimize any skin barrier damage. Like any moisturizer, For Your Face is designed to work in conjunction with the oils our skin naturally produces and help keep our skin moisturized by preventing water loss.

Tuff Stuff has a similar basic foundation but with a thicker, more balm-like texture. With the addition of zinc oxide, this formula will keep your skin protected from harsh environmental conditions. If you’re going swimming or adventuring outside all day, you won’t want to forget it!

Did you know that the For Your Face lotion is good for taking off your Tuff Stuff after too? “Like-dissolves-like” means that compounds of a similar chemistry are soluble within each other. Both these products are oil-based so if you’re having trouble fully removing your Tuff Stuff after a long surf or hike (which is good... it’s supposed to be sticky!), rub a little lotion into it and you’ll be able to whip it away easy-peasy!

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