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This Green Room bundle contains:

This is it. The majority of your self care basis are covered with these 7 products. 

Hair - check. The Floral bars are for normal to dry hair and flaky scalps, and the Fresh bars are for normal to oily hair, fine hair, and blonde hair. You can choose between the Floral bars + Purple Fields travel tin or the Fresh bars + Van Life travel tin from the menu below. 

Body - check. One soap for the shower, one soap for beside the sink. And one soap to store in your clothes drawer to make your clothes smell amazing! 

Face - check. For Your Face and Tuff Stuff go hand in hand and protection, softening, and locking in moisture are the name of the game. Some fun tips and trick with these two products: 

1. Try mixing some Tuff Stuff with a little bit of the For Your Face or another daily moisturizer/oil serum to create a light and creamy foundation-like texture. The tint will help to cover up any unwanted spots or dark circles.

 2. You may not need to moisturize throughout the day, but soft glossy lips are an all day thing. For Your Face can also been used as a lip balm! 

Accessories - check. Keep your bars looking and working their best with our travel tin and recycled plastic soap dish

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Everything Bundle Experience So Far

I haven’t tried the soaps yet but the hair products don’t work for me. My hair is long and I don’t wash it every day which could be the problem. My hair becomes stringy in two days.


Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. I have very long hair myself and have found that there is definitely a little bit of a learning curve when it comes to using your bars. This may be a case of using too much conditioner or not enough shampoo. Remember that the conditioner becomes 'activated' when you start to rinse it out, so if it feels like you don't have enough in, add some water to your hair and you'll be able to feel the slip right away! Over-saturating your hair will conditioner can lead to that stringy look. I would recommend trying to comb out any residual tangles when your hair is dry as well. This helps with my long hair a ton :)

Give your bars a few more tries and if you are still having issues, feel free to send us an email at!

Love it!

I am super impressed and absolutely loving the shampoo and conditioner bars! My hair is dry so I was a bit skeptical of the conditioner, I’ve used Lush products in the past and my hair was always so dry! I really really love these! And the soaps and face products are great too!