What Makes Our Shampoo + Conditioner Bars Different

Pre-warning! We have A LOT to say about these bars and there is just absolutely no way we could fit it into one little paragraph. You'll see why... 

Made with 100% natural, nature-identical, and naturally derived ingredients from plant and mineral sources, our bars harness the power of mama earth and are guaranteed to give you luxury results, without the luxury cost.

Maybe you're more of a 'lifestyle-over-luxury' kinda person anyway and would rather backpack South America or go on an epic overnight canoe trip! That. is. perfect. The Suds and Silk bars are adventure friendly - solid and compact for easy transport, no spillage, and no travel-size bottles required. Because the bars are not diluted by water, they are equivalent to 2-5 average sized bottles of liquid shampoo or conditioner if used correctly (click here to learn how to best care for your bars). All bars are vegan, cruelty-free, and safe for colour treated hair.  

The Suds shampoo bars have very gentle pH balanced formulas with a selection of high performance additives. It is very important to use hair products that mimic the same pH as your skin and hair. This is one of the things thats sets our bars apart from other "soap-stye" shampoo bars which tend to be extremely alkaline. The Silk conditioner bars are a game changer! They are super concentrated and are guaranteed to nourish, moisturize, and detangle even the most damaged and long hair. They also double as shave bars. Bonus!

The BEST PART... The bars can be bought naked or in a small plantable box. The packaging is made of post-consumer recycled paper embedded with seeds and the added value of these boxes is the gift of flowers. The boxes make a great gift-able item and it's as close as you can get to purchasing hair products that can be considered “waste-free” AND part of a circular economy! We are so stoked to offer you the opportunity to connect with nature and give back to the environment with this sustainable packaging. Grow these flowers and the bees will thank you! The bee populations are dwindling due to a lack of available pollen from wildflowers because of urban development and mass clear cutting for agriculture. Planting these boxes will provide more available pollen for the bees, giving them the energy they need to continue to pollinate all of our delicious crops! 

After you use up your set of shampoo and conditioner bars, all you will be left with is a bundle of sprouting flowers, soft healthy hair, and none of that pesky plastic waste! Hallelujah.