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Affiliate Program

We're welcoming anybody who is interested into our Green Room Affiliate Program!

If you love our products, value sustainability, vibe with our retro aesthetic, or have a passion for adventuring in the great outdoors, please don't hesitate to check out the details of our new affiliate program! Through the Green Room Affiliate Program, your support will help leverage our brand and ultimately contribute to bringing plastic-free and low consumption self-care products to the forefront of the industry. The best part is that every affiliate will receive a little kick-back from any purchase made through personalized links and discount codes!

You do not need to be a social media influencer to sign up. If you have an Instagram page - awesome! If you have a blog - even better! If you just want to spread the good word to some friends and family, that works too! Please check out the link below if you are interested and we will contact you regarding the approval process!