Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Our Suds & Silk shampoo and conditioner bars are an eco-friendly and 'zero-waste' solution to traditional bottled haircare.  Made in Canada, every bar is measured, poured, pressed, and packaged by our hardworking team here in Metchosin, BC. 


We help you ditch the 12-step skincare routines and offer you simplicity instead.

Keep your skin cozy and glowing with these multi-purpose and travel-friendly skincare essentials. 

Small Batch Soaps

The traditional cold process method of making soap never ceases to amaze - from natural oils, butters, botanicals, and minerals to luxurious lathers and beautiful skin. 

These carefully crafted soaps are a delicious plastic-free alternative for getting sudsy. 


Our travel tins, soap dishes, and soap saver bags are designed to keep your bars working and looking their best at home and on the go.

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