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This Green Room bundle contains:

This is it. The majority of your self care basis are covered with these 6 products. 

Hair - check. The Floral shampoo and conditioner bars are for normal to dry hair and flaky scalps, and the Fresh bars are for normal to oily hair, fine hair, and blonde hair. You can choose between the Floral bars + Purple Fields tin or the Fresh bars + Van Life tin from the menu above. 

Body - check. One soap for the shower, one soap for beside the sink. And one soap to store in your clothes drawer to make your clothes smell amazing! 

Face - check. For Your Face is a multipurpose face lotion that some people prefer to use as a lip balm as well. Protect your skin with some Tuff Stuff zinc, and because it is tinted, you can even try mixing some with a little bit of the For Your Face to create a lighter creamy foundation-like texture to cover up any unwanted spots! 

Accessories - check. Keep your bars looking and working their best with our travel tin and recycled plastic soap dish! 

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