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  • Safety Razor

    Zero waste, easy set up, timeless design.

  • NEW! Soap Saver Bags

    Level up your shower poof.

  • Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

    Where sustainability meets salon quality.

  • For Your Face - From The Earth

    Skin care routines just became a lot less complicated and a lot more eco-friendly.

  • Body Care For You + The Earth

    Go green in 2021.

Redefining sustainability with natural, ocean friendly, and adventure ready body care. Feel good, look good, do good.

We're not a luxury brand, we're a lifestyle brand.

Enjoy the journey, leave nothing behind.

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With this razor model, we've mixed a vintage concept with modern minimalism. Made with brass components and a silver chrome finish, our sleek design can be enjoyed by all genders and ages. The razor fits standard double edge blades and has a satisfying weight to it -... Read More

Plantable Boxes For A Brighter Future

The Suds & Silk boxes are made of post consumer recycled paper embedded with seeds. This is the type of packaging you can feel good about. 


“Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere.” – Mary Schmich

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Doing more with less.

Multi-use products made with minimal ingredients and packaging to benefit you and the planet.

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